Iron Brewer Tasting Tonight!



You are probably sick of me going on and on about this Iron Brewer thing by now. Well I have good news for you. It’s coming to an end!

The judges’ tasting was last night, and tonight is the contestants’ tasting and podcast. If you’re interested, you can follow here: (click the Batch 2 Round 6 link). The tasting is at 7pm Central tonight and I believe it will be podcast live.

Win, lose, no time to brood. Tomorrow is the Midwest Brewers Fest and I’ll be there all afternoon/evening. And my friends are doing a 5-year Dark Lord vertical tasting in the evening that I’d like to get to if possible, after the fest.  Sunday is the “VIP Party” for the fest, and also I may need to run in to Goose Island Clybourn and meet up with a guy for a homebrew swap. It’s going to be a big beer weekend for sure.











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