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Dark Lord Day 2011 wrapup

Well my big plans for liveblogging the event fell through. The wordpress plugin didn’t work right, or I had it misconfigured, or whatever.  So though I may have been off my game yesterday, Three Floyds put on a pretty great event. We arrived at the industrial park at around 8:30 am, 90 minutes before the…

Dark Lord Day 2010 coming up

Well here we are, nearly a year out from Dark Lord Day 2009 and my promised recap post has still never materialized.  Well I just recently remembered that I have this site and though I am not going to attempt a full recap at this time, here is a video from Draft Magazine.  At around…

Dark Lord Day 2009

This year Three Floyds has added a whole lotta rules http://www.darklordday.com/faq/ But hopefully the new system will resolve some of the logistical problems they’ve had in the past.  Last year, I wish I could have enjoyed the party rather than just spend 5 hours waiting in line to buy a few bottles of beer.