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HOPS! Oktoberfest

Saturday the 24th, as I posted a while back, was the date for HOPS! Oktoberfest. Earlier in the week, the weather reports all predicted a nice sunny day, but as the week wore on, rain started creeping into the forecast. Friday evening, as I left work, it wasn’t looking too good. And sure enough, the…

HOPS! Oktoberfest (and other notes)

I should start this post by apologizing for never following up on all those Iron Brewer posts. You can bet that if I’d won, I’d have been all over it, but alas I did not. Amy Gentry, a fine Northwestern Indiana homebrewer whom I met at Three Floyds to trade bottles in person and save…

No Fuggles. Shit.

So apparently the Fuggle hops, my absolute favorite, are one of the varieties affected by the hop shortage, about which I am fairly ignorant so I probably need to school myself.  Anyway, I’ll be using Willamette instead… but I’ll be thinking of Fuggle.