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Many of you may wish to ignore the existence of this video. But it is far too powerful, and demands a reaction. Fear the captain, for he is an angry god, or weird uncanny valley Mufasa-style talking head in the sky dispensing gibberish and cavorting with psychedelic constellations.

My new favorite thing – WILLIAM SHATNER IS IRON MAN

You know, after I posted earlier this year about the new William Shatner album and how it was going to be the greatest thing ever, I haven’t heard anything else about it. I’d started to wonder, hey, what the hell, is this thing going to happen or not? Well happy birthday to me, and thank you…

The future best album of 2011

According to this page on William Shatner’s web site: The Line Up For “Searching For Major Tom” Has Been Announced. WilliamShatner.Com Is Happy To Report That The Album Due Out Later In 2011 On The Cleopatra Records Label Will Have The Following Songs… Now as something of a self-professed expert on music, and also an amateur but…