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My new favorite thing in the whole of today

Who knew Immortal had a new video?  I did not.  This is incredible, clearly a descendant of the ludicrousness of “Call of the Wintermoon” and yet undeniably awesome.  Enjoy Yes, I know, this album came out last year, this video came out months ago. I just saw it today and it rules.

Jim’s favorite albums of 2009

This is my best of 2009 mix, containing samples from my 20 favorite albums of the last year.  I’m not a professional music critic and I don’t listen to every album ever released by any means, so I’m sure there are plenty of holes, and if you’d like to tell me an album I missed,…

Strong On His Mountain

I think the reason Aaron even asked me to do some shows here on Radio Gen1us in the first place is ’cause he was hoping I’d do a metal show. ‘Cause I am totally metal. Believe it. Anyway, now I’ve gone and done it and god help those of you who listen. Metal is not…