Got 4 hours? Here’s some music

A while back I asked my Facebook and Twitter friends to suggest songs over 8 minutes in length for a mix. And I got a ton of great suggestions in by far the longest Facebook comment thread that has ever appeared on my timeline. Then I largely ignored them all and put together this mix…

A Blue Line Tribute Mix


This morning’s CTA blue line derailment at O’Hare airport ( Chicago Tribune Breaking News, WGN TV, Chicagoist ) immediately brought to my mind the 2 songs I could think of about that particular piece of Chicago’s public transit system, which are Local H’s Blue Line and pinebender’s Simp Twister. I figured there must be more out…

2013, Year of the Doglion


These things keep coming later every year, don’t they? I’ve never been the most motivated writer (at least since I was in 8th grade and wrote a 30-page long fantasy short story and thought for a while that I was the best writer ever) and it just seems to come harder and harder every year. The…

A few 2013 songs to tide you over


I am way late with my 2013 album review, which is mostly because I’ve been too lazy to write it up and only partly because the albums that were my favorite as of 12/31/2013 are maybe not my favorites anymore 2 1/2 weeks later. But I’m getting it together, and I’m not changing my list…


Click through for the whole thing but this is my new favorite thing in the whole of today



But apparently it’s originally from here: