A Blue Line Tribute Mix

This morning’s CTA blue line derailment at O’Hare airport ( Chicago Tribune Breaking News, WGN TV, Chicagoist ) immediately brought to my mind the 2 songs I could think of about that particular piece of Chicago’s public transit system, which are Local H’s Blue Line and pinebender’s Simp Twister. I figured there must be more out there but I couldn’t find any. But I did end up putting together a mix as a tribute to this morning’s unfortunate event. We start with explicitly blue line themed songs, then swerve into songs about trainwrecks in general before derailing completely into metaphorical trains and CTA bus rants.

If you know any more songs that are specifically about CTA’s blue line, I’d sure like to hear about them. Let me know in the comments!

[8tracks url=http://8tracks.com/jimthebeerguy/blue-line-tribute]


EDIT: Here’s a GIF of the surveillance video from the crash that I grabbed from the Sun Times 


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