Got 4 hours? Here’s some music

A Long Line I Once Waited In

DLD 2008: A Long Line I Once Waited In

A while back I asked my Facebook and Twitter friends to suggest songs over 8 minutes in length for a mix. And I got a ton of great suggestions in by far the longest Facebook comment thread that has ever appeared on my timeline.

Then I largely ignored them all and put together this mix of songs out of my own personal collection. It’s rock-heavy but not rock-exclusive, with funk/jazz, electronic & experimental music rounding out the usual palette of indie, alternative and metal.

It’s only 21 songs but over 4 hours in length, averaging around 12 minutes a song. I’d post a playlist, but I kind of like how 8tracks makes it a surprise, and you’ll see the artist list in the tags anyway. It’s music for when you aren’t going anywhere for a while.  Take a listen!

[8tracks url=]

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