Month: February 2008

Radio Gen1us

That’s a live RSS feed of my buddy Aaron’s Radio Gen1us project over to the left there.  I’m one of 4 guys contributing to the project.  Hey, it’s free music for you!  Listen to a show and leave a comment, we love the feedback I’ve only done 1 show so far but I should have my…

That Lonesome Whistle

You’re riding the train–maybe you’re on your way to work, or back home from work, or to meet friends, or to a job interview. Whoever you are and wherever you’re going, right now you’re between places, disconnected. Your own earbuds and the newspaper masks of the strangers around you only add to this sense of…

Guest DJ Spot

I wanted to point you to my buddy Aaron’s podcast where I’ll be doing some guest spots.  Look for my first entry sometime in the next few days.  I’ll be posting a mix for listening to while staring out of train windows.