Month: February 2009

Map Room Meetup

Great time, great people, great bar, great beers. An account of the fun at the Map Room last night.

Dark Lord Day 2009

This year Three Floyds has added a whole lotta rules But hopefully the new system will resolve some of the logistical problems they’ve had in the past.  Last year, I wish I could have enjoyed the party rather than just spend 5 hours waiting in line to buy a few bottles of beer.

An introduction

Grok: from the Martian grok.  To understand a subject so completely and intuitively that you consume it and it consumes you.  Literally, “to drink.” Grog: Historically, a mixture of rum and small beer or water drunk on sailing ships.  Colloquially, just about any alcoholic beverage. To put it plainly, we like to drink.  And that is what…