A Bulleit Burning Bullitt: check out this bourbon powered car

Beautiful. Brilliant. Badass, even. But what a waste. “The car will run on almost any bourbon, but she really purrs on Maker’s Mark” said Nilsson. Oh. Well maybe it’s not such a waste after all. /bourbonsnob Read about it on the Kegworks Blog. I heard about it via the Finch’s Beer Company twitter account: @FinchBeer.

Dark Lord Day tickets sold out

They sold out around 4 hours after opening, much like Dark Lord itself.  At least the tickets ensure that those of us who were able to buy them will get to buy some of the beer, rather than waiting in line for 5 or more hours only to be disappointed as some did last year.

Dark Lord Day tickets on sale

They went on sale this morning. This is the first year they’ve done it this way so no knowing how quickly they’ll go. Here’s the link:

An introduction

Grok: from the Martian grok.  To understand a subject so completely and intuitively that you consume it and it consumes you.  Literally, “to drink.” Grog: Historically, a mixture of rum and small beer or water drunk on sailing ships.  Colloquially, just about any alcoholic beverage. To put it plainly, we like to drink.  And that is what…