My New Favorite Thing – Daffy Duck, The Wizard

Daffy Duck, The Wizard

Daffy Duck, The Wizard

On my birthday yesterday, the internet brought forth its bounty. And that bounty was good. I posted about the behind-the-scenes look at Shatner recording Iron Man yesterday, and I couldn’t possibly have a new favorite thing in the whole of that day, as it was spoken for. But today, I will show you the awesomeness posted upon my FB wall by my buddy Aaron.  As I said to him, I do know know why it exists, but perhaps I don’t have to, as it is excellent.

Never one to simply succumb to wonder, of course I spent 10 seconds on wikipedia to find out that there is a new Looney Tunes series that features a song / accompanying video in each episode, and this was simply a recent “Merrie Melodies” feature. Still excellent. Also, my kids pointed out to me last night that there is a “Merrie Melodies” featuring Elmer Fudd singing about grilled cheese sandwiches. That one is… well, kinda creepy. Still funny, just creepy.

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