Drinking Music for the weekend

Memories of a Drunken Past by flickr user katy_bird

Memories of a Drunken Past by flickr user katy_bird

Earlier this year I wrote a post on my other site, I Grok Grog, about good beer music and reposted it here. Well I’d always intended to do it up as a full podcast but those take effort and time, time that could be better spent actually drinking and listening to music. But some of the good people at The New Middle, an interesting community of which I’m happy to be a part, were talking up a few mixtape-type web sites, including one called 8tracks. I started playing around with it and ended up putting together this mix of drinking music–beer songs, and whiskey songs, and general boozing songs, songs about how great it is, songs about how terrible it is, happy songs, sad songs, dancing songs, just a great bunch of songs to listen to while you imbibe. And I thought I’d finally share it with you.

And what do you know? 8tracks has a WordPress plugin too, which makes it almost too easy. I may be putting 8tracks mixes up here on the regular.

Enjoy! (The link is here in case the player that should appear below isn’t working)

[8tracks url=”http://8tracks.com/jimthebeerguy/booze-music”]

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