St. John of God

I saw this post on the Chicagoist blog the other day and realized the church in question was right along the route I’ve been taking when doing the full bicycle commute lately. So this morning I stopped and took a picture. The area is fenced off and does not look safe so I doubt I’ll be doing any intrepid urban exploration.

St. John of God on 52nd St., morning of June 29, 2011

St. John of God on 52nd St., morning of June 29, 2011


Don’t miss the companion post about adjacent Sherman Park also. It’s really something. I tried cutting across the park on my bike a while back–there are paths, and these beautiful old stone bridges across the lagoon–only to find out that the entire center of the park is a path-free group of baseball diamonds. Check out the Google maps link and you’ll see what I mean.

Also be sure to click through to the WBEZ photos of the church from just over a year ago. It was really something, once.

edit: The church is called “St. John of God” not “St. John’s of God” so I have edited the title and article to reflect this.

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