Nerding out / Geeking out / Wigging out

I had to put something in here so that god-awful people-eating bible wouldn't be the headline image.

This is the first GIS result I get for the term “weird internet.”

The internet has been a little weird this week (subjectively speaking, as some of these things may be older internet phenomena of which I have only recently become aware). I guess the internet is a little weird every week but today it seems to me like it might have been a little weirder than normal.

Please be advised that the image you see to the left has nothing to do with any of this. I just needed something other than the creepy people-eating bible (see below) to be the headline image for this post. I don’t want to have to look at that thing every time I check my site for the next few weeks or months.

So anyway, here is what I have been nerding out or geeking out over this week, and a couple of things that wigged me out.

Nerding out

The Sagan Series (and its side project, The Feynman Series) (website, facebook, youtube). This is a series of fairly simple mashups, with postrock or other ambient music set  as background to the voice of Carl Sagan (or in the case of the Feynman Series, Richard Feynman). The Carl Sagan bits are taken from audiobooks he narrated or from his TV series Cosmos, while the Feynman bits seem to be taken from various interviews. This audio is then in turn set to video featuring some gorgeous footage from various science and nature documentaries.

Here is the video for The Sagan Series Part 6 – End of an Era: The Final Shuttle Launch, which is currently my favorite if only by virtue of featuring my favorite Explosions in the Sky song, First Breath After Coma.

Also, while perusing these videos I stumbled across something called “Symphony of Science” which appears to be a kind of Autotune the News, only more sciencey. And I’m nothing if not pro-sciencey-stuff. Also nerding out over this. I haven’t dug into it fully but here is one of their videos:

Geeking out

I have posted about this a few times, but William Shatner‘s new album “Seeking Major Tom” came out last week. I don’t know that my “Future Best Album of 2011” prediction has come true but it has definitely had my attention. And then the most bizarre damn thing happened–they released a video that hits like a full sheet of blotter. I have no idea what the hell is going on here, but if you haven’t, you should definitely check out this video for the Shat’s version of “Bohemian Rhapsody”:

Wigging out

This morning, within the space of a few minutes, these 2 images were posted by friends of mine on facebook and wigged me straight out.

First, there’s this image, which I guess is supposed to be a visual pun representing the comfort offered to people by their faith, but just makes me think that the bible is going to pull this chick in, bad 80s horror movie-style, only for her to emerge later as some kind of dead eyed biblebot.

Please make the book stop touching me

Please make the book stop touching me

Then, shortly after, came this bizarro kitty Voltron which, ugh. Reminds me of Bonsai Kitten except not funny.

I'm afraid I'll have to confiscate any image-editing or 3D modeling software on or about your person, sir. It's for your own good

I’m afraid I’ll have to confiscate any image-editing or 3D modeling software on or about your person, sir. It’s for your own good

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