My new favorite thing in the whole of… yesterday, actually

Necrocomiccon - Mjölnir for Nothing

Necrocomiccon’s Mjölnir for Nothing album cover image. Destined to be cover of the year.

My favorite black metal band who covers 80s pop hits, Necrocomiccon (of whom I’ve previously written) apparently snuck a new release out earlier this month without me noticing.

They had released a 3-song EP called “Welcome to Hello” last month but apparently these guys are workaholics and dropped Mjölnir for Nothing while I was still recovering from my New Years Eve hangover. (So maybe it took me a week and a half, it’s NYE right?)

So I finally found out about this thing yesterday, late in the afternoon, and listened to it. Now, don’t get me wrong, everything these guys do is gold, but some bits are shinier than others. (Or, should I say, everything they do is frostbitten and kvlt but some bits are more gray and frostbitten than others) And I have a new favorite song by them.

Necrocomiccon - Welcome to Hello

Necrocomiccon’s Welcome to Hello album cover image. No slouch itself.

I have lauded their genius previously. And this album has plenty to recommend it, including a Hall & Oates cover (‘sup Aaron? Knew you’d dig that) and a wild Cyndi Lauper medley at the end. But the song I want you to listen to right now is inspired. How the hell someone comes up with the idea to cross an Amon Amarth song (Pursuit of Vikings) with a Huey Lewis and the News song (I Want a New Drug) and then makes it work, is beyond me. But hey, if I was a guy who could come up with those kinds of ideas, I’d probably be in this band. Except that they’re out of (I think) New Jersey, which would make attending rehearsals difficult for me. Oh well.

Here’s Necrocomiccon’s Pursuit of a New Drug. Check it out!  (and I hope they don’t mind)


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