Good Beer Music

You got your music in my beer! You got your beer in my music!

You got your music in my beer! You got your beer in my music!

I like beer. I like music. But for some reason, when you put the two together, it often turns out badly.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of jackass beer songs out there. From that beer song that everybody claims is by Weird Al when you know it totally isn’t, to that bad metalcore beer song (“Beer is good, beer is good, beer is good… and stuff” I know it’s supposed to be funny, it just… isn’t), to the innumerable interchangeable pop country anthems on the subject, you are pretty well assured that if something is called The Beer Song it’s going to be full of burps and dumb jokes and you’re almost guaranteed it’ll be terrible.

These Australian cats nailed it though. Finally, a Beer Song that I can dig. Check it out.

I had been meaning to do a beer & music post for a while but it took this song to inspire me to get it done. So what makes this song so much better? They make some of the same dumb jokes right? Maybe. But a couple of items stand out here. First, the music is actually really good. Second, they make some funny jokes too. Third and most importantly, they aren’t just singing about pounding Natty Light or whatever the Australian equivalent would be–it’s pretty clear these guys appreciate good beer and not just swill. To wit:

Well the Poms they drink it kind of warm
The Nordics drink it from a horn
The Germans drink it from a stein
The Irish drink it all the time

A lager, bitter, porter or an ale
Hefeweizen or a pale
Dubbel tripel or a stout
If it’s a light beer pour it out
You can pour that shit out

So thanks, ElbowSkin, for reclaiming beer songs from suckitude. I would love to buy the single–but I’ll be damned if I’m installing iTunes. So, I’ll just keep replaying the Youtube video over and over instead!

And now here is some more good beer music for your enjoyment!

A favorite from my college days, long long ago down in Carbondale. Jungle Dogs – Cold Beer

Seems like beer songs are obligatory for ska bands. Here’s Reel Big Fish’s song Beer

Here’s a sentiment that I don’t agree with, but a song I like. And I am pretty sure that these guys would make an exception for me (and any of you who actually read my blog). Tri State Killing Spree – Let There Never Be Another Beer Ever Drank

And another negative take but a great song, Jerry Lee Lewis – What’s Made Milwaukee Famous

Looking for beer songs on Youtube, I found a few I wasn’t familiar with previously, and some of them are even good! Here’s one by a guy named Dan Reeder called I Drink Beer, kind of a weird little folk number

And because I’m a sucker for German thrash metal, here’s Die With A Beer In Your Hand by Tankard

Here’s an honorable mention–I can’t say I’m thrilled with the song, but it namechecks some pretty great breweries and the video was partially filmed at Odell Brewing in Ft. Collins, CO. Which reminds me, it’s been a while since I begged Odell to start distributing in Illinois. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE or just send me beers, that would be OK too.  People Under The Stairs – Beer


Also, speaking of music and beer, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day–have fun, avoid rookies where possible, make it home OK, and if you want some Irish music to listen to, check out this St. Patrick’s Day podcast I did a few years ago.

Should I embed some bad beer songs too? Let me know! Or tell me your favorite that I missed.

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